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– St. Catherine of Siena

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Music Tuesday: “And the Waltz Goes On” by Sir Anthony Hopkins

Yes, don’t pause too long over the composer’s name.  It’s thee Sir Anthony Hopkins of Hannibal Lector and other acting roles fame.  Apparently this has been going viral across the internet.  Unlike Ebola, this virus is harmless, and perhaps even entertaining.   This is the note I got in my email.

A famous actor wrote a waltz as a young musician, but had never heard it played by an orchestra.
He went into acting, became a famous movie star and gave up on the music end of his talents.
As you will hear, that is a real shame, cause after you have heard the music (almost Liszt, Dvorak
and of Brahms – Slavonic in style), you will agree that this very high quality composing!
This is not Andre Rieu embellished music! This is the real thing!!
This video shows him hearing it being played for the first time.

That is a lovely piece.  Waltzes are quite charming.  I had no idea Hopkins was a composer.  According to this little biographical note he’s even released a classical album of his compositions.  

In spite of following an acting career, Sir Anthony Hopkins' first love was for classical music. However it wasn’t until 2012 when he finally realised his dream by releasing his first classical album, ‘Composer’.

I have to say I love Hopkins as a person.  There’s something genuine about him.  I remember seeing him interviewed by Charlie Rose on PBS where Rose—Liberal that he is, and I don’t usually watch Charlie Rose but I must have scanned through and caught Hopkins—was surprised to find out that Hopkins believed in God, and not just a deistic God, but a personal God.  Imagine.  The shock.  There was even a bit of ridicule in Rose’s tone, which really surprised me because he seemed to go over the top.  But Hopkins stuck to what he believed and said so.  God bless him.

However, the note I got in my email was not quite accurate.  Here’s an interview where Hopkins says he composed the music but Andre Rieu did arrange it.  So it’s not all Hopkins.


  1. What a great talent. Thanx for this Manny. I did not know about his music.

    God bless.

  2. ((( I have to say I love Hopkins as a person. There’s something genuine about him. )))

    I must start off by saying that there's just no keeping up with your blog Manny cause you're literally too much for me to follow and that's the only reason I've missed so many of your post and besides life does go on... Having said that, I must also say that Sir Anthony Hopkins' is one of my favorite sin cere, "I" mean sincere great actor next to James Cagney and some of my cells just loved that video.

    I think that people just don't want to believe that some of the characters that Anthony portrayed could have taken place and that there could never be such evil in our world... I certainly don't want to say that before Anthony became such a great actor in Silence of The Lamb and other movies that he may have mentally experienced some kind of terrible evil thing which stayed with his spirit and made him play such convincing roles with perfection... God only knows but after what happened to a guy that I once knew, nothing would surprise me as to what all our sins can achieve... these now living sins who are last in human bodies are starting to think that they are gods if only because God said in so many words that the last will be first and the first will be last someday... I could give you plenty of real life example that might give you the chills but then again, you're from The Bronx and I also don't want to be accused of trying to hi jack your post... Right Manny?

    To try and prove that I'm still on topic, I'll close by saying that science is working closely nowadays with some last living virus like Ebola who really are last in our minds but when they start believing that no antibiotic can stop them because they are building 'Him you "IT He' "I" mean immunity, then who's going to stop them... God?... Hey Man! sinner vic tells me that as god, he has the power, if you simply put boots on the ground... for a billion dollar a boot he can fill them with dark forces that nothing humanly created these days could destroy... As sinner vic puts "IT" God could stop this evil but then HE is just a nice guy and so no match for the Intergalactic alien 'Transform her', "I" mean Transformers and and............................................................................and............................................and...




    God Bless