"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Matthew Monday: Rosie!

Today we picked up Rosie.  The breeder lived was about an hour and three quarters drive from home.  We hit the road at 9 AM and had a nice drive into the country to northern New Jersey, just short of the New York State border.  The area around there is very hilly, but it was a crisp, beautiful day.  The leaves on the trees had just started to turn to fall colors, and we wound through some curvy country roads. 

Linda the breeder was an extraordinarily nice lady.  We had two pups to choose from, and after some consideration see how Matthew interacted with them, Linda recommended the more mellow of the two.  The more active one really didn’t pay us that much attention, and went off in the kitchen.  The more mellow one was lady like and affectionate, and let us come to her, and so we felt that Linda was right.  So Rosie was the more mellow of the pups, and actually Linda’s favorite of the litter.  She loved the name we picked and she was glad Rosie was headed for a good home. 

OK, here are some pictures.  These first two are at the breeders.  That's my wife holding Rosie.

The next are back home, Matthew being silly.  And Rosie really does have a good disposition.  Not many Labrador Retriever pups would tolerate this.

But Rosie's no wall flower.  As soon as Matthew starts running, she runs right after him.  They had a blast playing in the backyard with a beach ball.

Let's see if this video upload works.  I've never done it before.

And finally, a close up.


  1. Oh she is beautiful!!! What a sweet little face:) I'll have to check out the video when I fire up my laptop. Seems the "plug-in is not supported" on my Kindle, whatever the heck that means.

    Congrats on your new family member!!

  2. Video worked fine for me. How very cute and sweet! Labs are great dogs. All the best with her!

  3. She's gorgeous!!! The best of luck with Rosie.


  4. A blue eyed female lab called Rosie and the whole family seems to be happy and proud of her "I" might say...

    YA know Manny! I believe that you can tell right from the start if a dog is going to be happy with their new owners and long story short... ok, I'll try to make this story short... as you probably might have guessed, when I was your age, around a half century ago, anyway the story goes that although I loved dogs and treated them kindly, they were still animals with only a spirit and no soul... when I met a female dog and no one told me her name, back then, it did not take me long to welcome that dog with a smile and using "The B word... although I'm not a psychologist, I've learned from much experience that dogs can sense what "The Family" wants and some professional dog trainers might even go as far as saying that not only in reality but also spiritually and they will behave accordingly...

    I hear YA! You said short Victor...:)

    OK! On one occasion, I called a dog a "B...." and I later heard that the owner who were friends of mine didn't like it one bit but had never told me about it at the time... a few years later when I next met them, this dog was ready to tear me apart and she probably would have if the owners didn't love me so much... After they got their dog under control, I politely indirectly explained to them why the dogs behaved the way they had.

    About five years later, my wife and I were invited to stay over night at these prior friends place and they had another two bigger dogs and let's just say that one of the first things they said in so many kind words was... we have two new dogs and they are both ladies so when I saw these large dogs... let's just say that I said "Hi ladies and longer story shorter, I was loved all night long by them...lol

    I'll close by saying, tell Matthew to take good care of your family's best friend "Rosie"

    I hear YA Man! Don't worry Victor cause my wife is taking care of that and if sinner vic doesn't believe me, tell him to check out my video!...lol

    God Bless you and yours

  5. This is so precious! He is going to love that dog to pieces!!

  6. Thank you all. :)

    LOL, you are too much. That'll teach you for calling the dog the "B" word. Oh and her eyes aren't blue. I think that's just the doggy equivalent of camera red eye in humans.

  7. Good.Grief. Look up what the AKC has to say about "the b word" and so on.