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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, September 9, 2013

Matthew Monday: Happy Fourth Birthday

September 1st was Matthew's fourth birthday.  We had a small little party for him.  Amazing how time flies.  Here are a few pictures.

The birthday boy wore a birthday tee shirt and sported a chocolate milk mustache...lol.

His mother made him a cake with a race track top.  Or is that supposed to be some sort of mud tack?


Blow out the candles Matthew...


He's most definitely an intense cake eater.


Let me also say, that on the next day, September 2nd, is the anniversary of our "Gotcha Day."  Gotcha Day in adoption lingo is the day the child is officially handed over.  It's "we gotcha!"  As it turned out for us we got Matthew the day after his first birthday.  So it's now been three joyous years with him.


  1. I bet Matthew enjoyed the cars and trucks that decorated his cake...great work, Mom.

    Thanks for sharing, Manny.

  2. That is one GREAT cake - Mrs. Manny done good:)

    Congrats to Matthew and you all!!

  3. I'm sure that those Gotcha Days will never be forgotten and by the way me, myself and i counted at least nine candles on his birthday tee shirt. What could that possibly mean? :)

    God Bless

  4. Congratulations! What a big boy he is getting to be.

  5. Oh thank you all. I've been away all week and got back this evening.

  6. Happy Birthday, Matthew! (Qimi here, Manny)

  7. Belated Happy birthday Matthew!

    The pictures are amazing as ever. And Matthew seems quite excited too.
    I hope you all had a great day. May God bless you all.