"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, October 7, 2013

Matthew Monday: Pumpkin Picking

We went on Sunday.  It's always a lot of fun. 

Here's Matthew riding the hay wagon hitched to a tractor taking us to the pumpkin patch.

Picking a pumpkin.  "Mommy, is this the one?"

OK, he had to sit by the giant spider.

This year we decided to try the corn field maze.  Boy that was tough.  It was just Matthew and Daddy and we walked around and tried to find our way.  Finally my wife calls on the cell and says she's tired of waiting and where the hell are we?  I told her I had no idea.  Luckily we stumbled upon another family who was also lost, but their eight year old son said he knew the way out.  And remarkably he did!  Thank God for that little kid or we would still be in there...lol.
Here we are going into the maze.

And here's Matthew inside.

Finally, the face cutout panels are really fun.  Matthew and Daddy got to be pirates.



  1. It looks like a great time was had! I especially love the picture of Matthew in the corn maze. It is a framer! We usually do this same activity for Malaika's birthday (my youngest, and yesterday was the day) but this year we went horseback riding. We had a great time, I plan to post about it. Unfortunately, pictures weren't allowed on the trail, flashes and unfamiliar sounds can spook the horses. But I do have a few others. :)
    We, too have been lost in corn mazes, it's all part of the experience!

  2. When I saw the post title I knew I had to read this one first ! What fun, I love a good pumpkin patch. I've never done a corn maze.

  3. I will never scoff at a corn maze again. It's no easy...lol. Yes that picture is a framer. Thank you both. :)

  4. (((Finally my wife calls on the cell and says she's tired of waiting and where the hell are we?)))

    Thank God for cells phones so men can be kept in line now and then!

    What! What! What? :)

    1. LOL, she certainly keeps me and Matthew in line. :)