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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, August 26, 2013

Matthew Monday: Dutch Wonderland

Here are some more pictures from our vacation to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this from the amusement park called Dutch Wonderland.  If you want to read the first blog of the vacation, read here

Dutch Wonderland is not large like Disneyland, but it's large enough for an almost four year old to be enthralled.  He just loved driving this car.  I pressed the gas petal since he couldn't reach it while he steered.  The car was on a track so he couldn't make too many mistakes.

This tractor was a simple ride, but he did like trying to mauenver the plow up and down.

He loved this  - not sure what it was called - whirl buggy.

And he was really concentrating on this train that he hand powered.

My future fighter pilot...lol.

This was a very tall slide that we had to go down together.

There were a number of other rides that he just loved but were difficult to photograph.  His favorite was the bumper cars, but he also really enjoyed the water flume, a couple of boat rides, and others.  He still talks about them.


  1. I remember appreciating Dutch Wonderland for it's relative simplicity (for an amusement park), family atmosphere and having lots for the smaller kids. Another one, I have heard is good is Knoebles in Pennsylvania. :)
    As always, Matthew looks adorable, and I can see he had a wonderful day. :)

  2. Dutch Wonderland is such a great family attraction.

    It looks as though Matthew had a blast!

    Kelly mentioned Knoebles in her comment and she has heard correctly. It is in a beautiful setting and you pay one flat admission only for those using the rides. The shows are free to everyone and are lots of fun for children and adults alike.

  3. Can I take him next time?!!! I don't care for most of the adult rides but the kid rides look fun! Glad he had a great time, looks like Dad did too!

  4. Manny got scrawny hairy chicken legs!

    Well, this looked like a fun outing. Good practice for when Matthew is older and you go to those amusement parks! :)

    1. LOL!!!! Yes, I do. My wife used to tell me that. I haven't heard it in years. Oh I'm not much on amusement parks. I really can't stand some of the rides.

  5. Thank you all. We did all have fun. I'll look into Knoebles.

  6. (((This was a very tall slide that we had to go down together and he still talks about them.)))

    It is great that you and your wife have been able to make Matthew life feel like a little bit of heaven at this time cause most of us Christians know that the Catholic ride can on occasion be pretty bumpy if you know what I mean? :)

    God Bless

    1. I do my best. Thank you Victor. :)