"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, May 20, 2013

Matthew Monday: Mickey Ears

I mentioned in my last blog I was on a business trip to Southern California, and we (the people I traveled with) stayed at a hotel in Anheim, just outside of Disneyland.  We had dinner one night in the restaurant/gift shop section, which I can't recall what it's called.  I just looked it up and it's called Downtown Disney.  Having dinner there did give me the opportunity to buy Matthew a couple of gifts.

When I spoke to him on the phone the next night, I told him I got him a present. 

"What?" was the first word that came out of his mouth on the phone.

"It's a surprise."

"What is it?"

"I can't tell you, it's a suuurrpriiise." I stretched the vowels for maximum effect.  "And guess what?"


"I got you two surprises."

"Oh boy, mommy, mommy, daddy got me two surprises.  When are you coming home?

LOL.  How selfish children can be.  And of course the first things he asked about when I got home were for his "surprises." 

You can make a little kid happy with just about anything.  I got him Mickey Mouse ears with his name stichted on and a ray gun.  He ran around the house with the ears on and kept zapping me with the ray gun all day that first day.  Here's a picture of him with the ears and the gun.


  1. How adorable!

    Boy Manny, it sure seems like yesterday we were following your trials going through the adoption.

    Time does fly.

  2. (((How selfish children can be.)))

    So, so true Manny! Spiritually speaking, this child of GOD (Good Old Dad) is so selfish that "Time" even quietly tells me every day that "I'M" asking for WAY too much but long story short, me, myself and i believe that for those who have enough "Faith" "Nothing" is impossible for "The Trinity".

    "I" hear YA sinner vic! Give "IT" UP Victor cause there's no way that "ME", "ME" and "ME" are giving UP our 98% flesh cells to that so called "ONE" per sent age retardo soul cell of yours just because you think that "Jesus" really does own "ONE" per sent age cell of yours and that He'll leave "IT" all to You after death. Listen Victor, truth be known, you're already dead and we gods just don't have the heart to tell YA NOW. At this time, we alien gods, "I" mean gods will allow YA to keep going round and round if that makes YA happy NOW!

    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ. :)


    God Bless you and your family Manny


  3. What a handsome boy! You and your wife did a wonderful thing adopting him, gaining and giving happiness, I though about you a few weeks ago, when two Jewish friends came to Mass and, right on that day, the reading from the Acts of the Apostles was about how the Jews would never go to heaven. I felt horrible for our friends, and they felt horrible too, but this challenging situation gave us the opportunity to understand each other better in the end. So I thought about your wife and wondered if your conversion was a problem for her.

  4. @Sue
    It's amazing how time flies. I can't believe this month made two years when we were there and met him for the first time.

    LOL! That video is funny. You are one of a kind, that is for sure.

    Yikes, there are a couple of passages like that in the New Testament and I always squirm when they are read. She doesn't mind. Too bad your friends were at that one mass. I don't think she sees that much of a difference.