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Monday, August 7, 2017

Matthew Monday: Father and Son Baseball Game

Baseball has become Matthew’s big passion, and I’ve written several posts on the games we have gone.  Saturday I took him to an Orioles game down in Baltimore.  I have mentioned how my son has broken my heart by being a Yankees fan, but really we talk baseball every day and he has become my baseball buddy.  Last year I posted how we took Matthew to a minor league game for his first game ever, and I also posted how I took the entire family down to Baltimore but this year my wife did not want to come.  So this became a father and son adventure. 

On the drive down we listened to a Sherlock Holmes story read aloud (“The Case of the Red-Headed League”) and then music the rest of the way, and we had quite a constant conversation.  It’s a three and a half hour drive but we stopped for lunch and bathroom break, so it was nearly four and a half hours.  This was a Saturday night game, and so we had to leave before the third out since the game was running late.  Orioles had a great comeback victory in the late innings, so this was a lot of fun.  Matthew said the game was “awesome!”  It was a give-away game where we received a bobble head doll of the Orioles second baseman, Jonathon Schoop.  Matthew does root along with me with the Orioles if the Yankees are not involved. 

Here’s a picture of the two of us.  Backlighting made it too shadowy a picture, but I like it.

So Matthew has now been to four games and his record is perfect.  The team he’s rooted for has won each time.  He pointed this out the next day and said the Orioles should have him go to every game.  I told him they would gladly pay him to attend if his presence guaranteed a win!  He liked that. 


  1. What a wonderful picture of you and your son and so happy you both got to see a winning Orioles game.


  2. Great picture of you and Matthew, Manny.

    Can I borrow him if he can guarantee a team will win? After all, rooting the Phillies is not exactly an easy task..LOL.

    Hi to your entire family, please!


    1. Hahaha, I don't think even Matthew's luck would help the Phillies. But you could try. Thanks Sue.

  3. So wonderful to share happy memories for the future with your son. He will always remember the good times he has had with you. Both of you are great parents.

    God bless.

  4. Thank you all for commenting.