"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, March 18, 2013

Matthew Monday: Two Weekend Stories

Two quick stories from when Daddy alone was in charge of Matthew on Saturday afternoon. 


There was a little paint brush that was left on the dining room table from when Matthew and my wife were doing some water based painting on a white page.  A page with orange brush strokes lay near it.  We walked by it.

Matthew: Daddy, can we paint?

Daddy: No, I don’t know how.

Matthew: Don’t worry daddy.  When you get big you’ll learn.  You’ll do it.



On the kitchen counter was a bag with some little chocolate bunny rabbits for Easter.  Matthew pointed to them and asked for one.  I said alright.  I took one out for each of us.  Actually I took a couple more for myself when he wasn’t looking.   He came back and asked for more.  I gave him another.  He wanted even more.  I said that was enough, and he scampered off understanding.  Then I took a couple of more for myself.

Then we spent some time on the computer.  He loves the little nursery rhyme videos on Youtube.  He’s gotten the hang of clicking them on too.  I got a little bored after a half hour and opened up a video with a set of nursery rhymes that would last over a half hour.  I went to sit and then lie down on the couch.  I fell asleep.  In my sleep state I could sense Matthew had walked away from the computer and was walking around the house.  He went up and down the stairs and by me a couple of times.  When I woke up an hour later I didn’t see him around.  He came down from upstairs and asked if he still wanted to look at Youtube.  No he didn’t.  And I put on the TV for him.

My wife shortly thereafter came home.  She walked into the kitchen and burst out, “Who ate the chocolate bunnies?”   Uh oh, I thought, she found out.  It was only a couple I thought.  I walked into the kitchen and there was a step stool by the counter and the bag opened and the aluminum wraps on the counter.  I didn’t do that. 

 “Matthew, come here.  Did you take some chocolate bunnies?” hi mother sternly asked.

 “No, Daddy gave me.”

 “I gave him one.  Now, tell the truth, you went and took more.”

“Yes.  I did mom," he said turning to his mother.

 Then his mother turned to me.  “And where were you when he took them?”

Sheepishly I said, “I guess I wasn’t in the kitchen.”


  1. Oh oh, Dad, time to fess up! My husband's father got caught once himself. He was supposed to be watching the boys but fell asleep. Meanwhile, the boys took a pen and "connected the dots" from one of his freckles to another while he was asleep! Hard to get out of that one! I'm glad you're keeping a log of these cute stories, how fun for him to read them later on in life.

    1. I didn't fess up...lol. But she suspected. Or read this. Yikes, he didn't feel the pen? Thanks. :)