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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Music Tuesday: Silent Night by Josh Groban

This is probably my favorite Christmas Carol, and this is a wonderful rendition by Josh Groban.

The third stanza is not always heard.  Groban in this rendition skips the second stanza and goes to the third and then returns to repeat the first.  I like it.  I think the second stanza is the weaker of the three, with the first, of course, being brilliant.  You can read all the lyrics here.

Do read the history of the song which was composed in German in 1818. 
Christ the Savior is Born
Merry Christmas to All


  1. You never have to ask me twice to listen to Josh Groban :) Seriously, Silent Night was my father's favorite. He has been gone now for 34 years. So, it's a nice remembrance of him each Christmas. And also a little teary-eyed remembrance, but that's okay. :)
    A wonderful Christmas to your family!

    1. I forgot to mention how Grobam uses that wonderful children's chorus from the middle of the piece. I really like that too. It presents a nice contrast with his tenor voice.

      Merry Christmas Kelly!