"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blog Note: One Year Blog Anniversary

Today makes the one year of my very first post.  It’s been an interesting year.  This is a lot of work.  My views have increase from the first few months.  The average of my last six months is about double the average of the first six months.  Still it’s a humble blog.  There have been a total of 27,344 total views for the year.  Is that decent?  I have no clue what blogs get, except that major blogs are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. 

Other than the few people that comment regularly or semi-regularly I have no idea who actually stops here to view what I write.  What’s interesting is that only about half of the views come from the United States, which means half are international.   I wish some of you people that stop would comment.  I enjoy a discussion.  I know I’ve sent this to some of my literature loving friends, and they hardly comment at all…lol. 

I’ve said it before: it is hard to comment on a post concerning a work of literature.  First, one has to have read that work in order to have an intelligent thought.  Second, even if you have read that work, if it’s not fresh in your mind you don’t have the details on your fingertips to develop a solid thought.  So I understand the reluctance to comment.  I do try to provide entire poems so the work is in front of the reader.  In theory it should be easier to comment on my poem analyses, but that seems to be the least commented of all the blog’s features.  Are people afraid of poems?

With this post, I’ve put out 185 posts for the year.  That’s surprising to me.  That’s an average of one every other day.  It doesn’t feel like I’m that frequent.  But I guess the Matthew Mondays, the Music Tuesdays, and the Faith Filled Fridays are quickies and probably the most commented.  So are the Notable Quotes, which I haven’t been as dutiful in posting lately.  I do like some of the new features of the last few months: Literature in the News and Lines I Wish I’d Written.  I’ll enjoy doing more of those.

Well, to all those who have stopped here, I want to thank you and wish you all a happy New Year.  I hope people get something out of my posts. 

Now, would people like to guess which of my posts got the most views this year?  Here’s a clue: it’s not a quickie fun one, but one of those with some detailed analysis.  I'm rather surprised by it and not sure why it is so.


  1. Nice work Manny! 27k in one year for a stodgy old intellectual blog is highly respectable!

    I'm with you on the foreign readers. Although I have many-times more American readers than foreign ones, I do wish they'd comment. Thinking back, I believe I've only gotten one comment from overseas, and that was a guy in the UK. Well, at least the little flags are fun to look at. :)

    Ashes isn't really stodgy- I was just funnin' - keep up the good work, and thanks for all your support at my place!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Manny! I think you are getting respectable traffic. And your format, with the intermix of kinds of posts, is very engaging, IMHO.
    I can't guess which post got the most views, but I do know on my own blog that one of the most viewed is one with a highly searched picture, lol. Nothing to do with the content or my writing. And yes, I think most of us are terrified of poetry! :)
    But I'll venture a guess on the most viewed--La Tempesta?
    I use Stat Counter (it's free) to monitor my traffic,--just btw.

    Have a happy, healthy, and highly blog-traffick-y new year!

    1. Thank you Kelly. I have one of those blogs where a picture must be highly used. However it's the second most viewed of all my blogs. No, the one that is most viewed is my analysis of the short story by Raymond Carver, "Feathers." There are no pictures or video clips in there. The only reason I can think of is that there is so little on the internet on that story that I must ring up on any search. This is the post:

      As of now it's tallied 734 views.

      What's Stat Counter? I just use what's in Blogger Dashboard.

  3. I believe some of those super-high posts occur because one of our readers bookmarked the blog when that particular post was up and that's where they enter the blog every time. Just a thought.

    1. Oh I never thought of that. But I did do a search for "feathers by raymond carver" and my post came up on the second page, which is about fifteenth on the list. And most of the others were something like a wikipedia entry and amazon and barnes and noble purchase page. Fifteenth for a blog entry is pretty high.

  4. Happy Anniversary - sorry I'm late. It takes a long time for a comment from overseas to reach your computer. Especially when we're having bad weather over here. The other day an e-mail I sent to a friend never arrived. Turns out my chair was on the electric or phone lead and the e-mail got held up within the wire. When I lifted the chair the e-mail got through all right.

    God bless.