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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, December 11, 2017

Matthew Monday: Juan Diego

For the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our parish had some of the kids dress up in Mexican folk attire.  The girls dressed up as our Blessed Mother (under her Virgin of Guadalupe title) and the boys as Juan Diego, the indigenous man who was the recipient of the 16th century apparitions near Mexico City.

Here is Matthew dressed as Juan Diego.

I’m not going to relate the entire story (you can read it here), but suffice it to say that the image on the poncho was a result of Juan gathering roses in December (a miracle in itself) and when he opened the poncho in front of his local bishop, an image of the Blessed Mother had been impressed from the roses on the poncho.  That poncho is still on display and I believe the analysis of the image supports a stain rather than a painted on by human hands.


  1. Thank you Manny. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated in the UK too.

    God bless.

  2. ...and I believe the analysis of the image supports a stain rather than a painted on by human hands."

    and many atheist could probably also add that the historical existence of Juan Diego, referring to the devotion as merely symbolic, propagated by a sensational cult such as The Aztec... lol


    I hear YA Man, "I" mean Manny... If our Canadian Prime Minister teams UP with your President... maybe there's a chance that a shrine could be added, "I" meant, could be attached to The Great Wall that was promised...

    Victor! Victor! Victor! YA should know that on my blog, I don't debate religion, sex, politic and/or global warming butt not necessarily in that order. LOL.

    Sorry Manny!

    Please give my best to Juan Diego, "I" meant to say Matthew. Tell Matthew after you give him a hug, that he looks great wearing his


    God Bless you and yours