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Friday, August 5, 2016

Faith Filled Friday: “Go Away, Satan”

From LifeSiteNews

Father Jacques Hamel’s last words before two Islamic State terrorists slit his throat, after forcing him to his knees before the altar where he had been saying morning Mass, were “Go away, Satan!”

And as the 85-year-old priest tried to push the attackers away with his feet, he repeated again, “Begone, Satan!” recounted the archbishop of Rouen during his homily for Father Hamel’s two-hour funeral Mass on Tuesday.

Enough said. 

Father George W. Rutler, one of the most brilliant essayist in contemporary writing—the general public has no idea how great a thinker and essayist this good priest is—commented on Fr. Hamel’s slaying:

The slaying of Father Jacques Hamel at the altar of the church of Saint Etienne-de Rouvray in Normandy should be the envy of every priest: to die at Mass, the holiest hour of the world.

If you’ve never read a Fr. Butler essay, you can read that essay, “Tolerating Terror,” at Crises Magazine, here.  

Father Hamel, priest and martyr, pray for us and for this world from which you have been so rudely removed.


  1. About to begin "He Spoke to Us," the latest book by Fr. Rutler. I agree that he is brilliant.

    I can't imagine having enough presence of mind to acknowledge the presence of the devil, much less being able to say "Be gone!" God bless always the Church's martyr, Fr. Hamel.

  2. I wonder why Fr. Rutler doesn't have that show on EWTN any longer. That's where I first heard of him and found him fascinating to listen to, even if I didn't understand a good portion of what he was talking about. In reading his essays, one has the time to look things up and digest the brilliance of his thought.

    It is amazing that one could have the presence of mind to say that twice while being murdered.

  3. Great post Manny.

    Long story short... there's no way that any of my comments could ever do justice to the little that I've read here and/or have heard about this good man.

    Someone asked somewhere in this post "Where will we find the strength to face these dangers? For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ hope lies in trusting in His Word.”

    For what "IT" is worth today I asked myself as to what I would have done in his situation and then my soul quietly said, Victor, Victor, Victor, Jesus Christ after He was Crucified... Descended into Hell and took His Faithful on to HIMSELF and on The Third Day He Rose from the dead. What more "Faith" do YA need?


    God Bless you and yours