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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Possibly the Cutest Picture Ever

Identical Triplets Born, Conceived without Fertility Drugs
Every baby is a one-of-the-kind human being unlike any other person who has ever been alive, but the Tierney triplets are an extreme rarity.

The Daily Mail reports 10-month-old Roman, Rocco and Rohan Tierney are identical triplets who were conceived naturally against up to one in 200 million odds.

Doctors initially told their mother, Becki-Jo Allen, that the boys probably were not identical. They were born via C-section after 31 weeks in the womb, each weighing a little more than 3 pounds, the report states. They spent several weeks in the intensive care unit of the hospital before coming home, according to the report.

“When they were in the hospital, the doctors said they were non-identical, but since they came home lots of people have said they can’t tell them apart,” their British mother said.

Now here’s the kicker, possibly the cutest picture ever. 

Aahhhh!  You can also see more pictures and read more of the story at the original Daily Mail article here.


  1. Nothing cuter than a pile o' babies.

    1. Yep, especially identical triplets with their tushies sticking out. ;)