"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, June 15, 2015

Matthew Monday: Strange Bedfellows

Our adorable little kitten, Tiger, has taken to our home.  He loves exploring it all; that is, all he's allowed to explore.  He is, however, afraid of Matthew.  Matthew handles him a little too roughly and doesn’t exactly hold him in a secure and comfortable manner.  So Tiger runs from Matthew when he approaches.  At one point Matthew broke into tears crying that Tiger doesn’t love him. 

Well, Tiger proved him wrong.  First, the two of them share the same bedroom.  We keep Tiger in Matthew’s room, though he gets free roam of a good portion of the upstairs.  One night, past midnight, I went to check in on Matthew as I usually have done, and now have a quick play with the kitten.  To my surprise I found Tiger cuddled into Matthew.  And not just that one night.  Here are pictures from several nights.  These pictures are taken in the complete dark, and the light comes only from the flash.

These first are from  a sleeping bag type of thing that Matthew sometimes sleeps on the floor with.

Those are from the same night.  Here’s from another.

I thought when Matthew got back to sleeping on the bed, Tiger wouldn’t be able to get up there.  The bed height is still higher than his extended height on his rear legs.  But somehow he’s able to get up there and snuggle up.


  1. Assure Matthew that Tiger likes him or he wouldn't be snuggling, but cats seem to prefer initiating contact with people, as opposed to the other way around. And he's probably getting onto the bed via those razor sharp little claws...

    1. Yes, he probably is. Thanks Jan, I will assure him.

  2. That must have made him feel good! Do you let him give Tiger treats? Mine loves those little squares called Temptations. She gets a couple every night before bed and may associate Matthew with good things if he would offer them to the kitten-on the floor. The kitten may not take it from his hand at first.

    1. Good idea Kathy. I'll look for those treats. Thanks.