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Friday, June 26, 2015

Faith Filled Friday: Denzel Washington and the Bible

I’m always surprised when some celebrity reveals he’s a faithful Christian.  I don’t know why I should be.  They are human beings like the rest of us.  In this from CNS  Denzel Washington explains why he reads the Bible.  

In an interview about an audio Bible that Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta Pearson Washington, had worked on several years ago, CBS reporter Tracy Smith asked, "Why do you two think the Bible is the best seller year after year after year that it is?"
Denzel Washington said, "I think that because inside of every one of us, we have something tugging at us, telling us to believe in something, to have faith in something bigger than ourselves. I think that that -- that we're born with that. I think that's natural, that's the God in us."
"And some people get misguided as to what it is," he said,  "and they start believing in, you know, playing [Tarot] cards or whatever it is they're going to believe in."
"But that thing is gnawing at each and every one of us," said Washington. "We all have that. So we all search, hopefully, and this [the Bible] is a part of that."
"This is actually the answer people are looking for, they just don't know it," he said.  "Listen to it [audio Bible]. Give it a shot, is what I'm saying. Okay?"

The article goes on to say Washington and his wife are Pentecostal Christians.  Interesting.  I wouldn’t have guessed.

Two years ago I mentioned Mark Whalberg is a practicing Catholic, but I came across another article where he is very devout.  From an interview in Parade

How do you spend Sundays?
If the kids are good, I’ll have doughnuts for them at 6:30 in the morning, and I’ll say, “You guys gotta let Mommy sleep in!” I’ll go to church at 7:30 and everybody will be eating breakfast when I come home. Then we’ll go to church again at 10:30, if things aren’t too hectic. Or if one of the kids has a game we’ll watch them play. It’s a nice family day.

Faith is obviously a big part of your life.
It’s the most important part of my life. I don’t try to push it on anybody and I don’t try to hide it.

Twice on Sunday.  I wondered why at first and then realized.  Going to church with four kids makes it difficult to absorb the holiness.  I have one kid with me and there are too many distractions.  Completely understand.


  1. It's surprising because it is so contrary to the pig sty that is Hollywood. Church/Faith/Religion doesn't make people filthy rich. It doesn't get them invited to the homes of the "elite" - you know, the guys we pay billions of dollars to in order for us to escape reality in 120 minute chunks of time. The people WE ARE PAYING to shove our values in our faces, and who actively seek to destroy them.

    1. That's one of the reasons I hardly ever go to movies. Plus I'd rather read a book. I don't find movies that satisfying as an art form.