"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Friday, April 10, 2015

Faith Filled Friday: Holy Thursday Feet Washing and Good Friday Procession

I never got to mention last week’s Easter Triduum events.  I had the honor of being asked to be one of the twelve that had their feet washed at the Holy Thursday Mass.   At least I think it was an honor.  Given that Pope Francis the last few years has been picking criminals to wash their feet I hope the new pastor at our church who picked me doesn’t think I’m a crook…lol.  Seriously, it was a huge honor.  Actually there was an interesting mix of people: six men and six women, some old and young, and couple of people who were converting at the Easter Vigil.  The pastor only washed our right feet.  My wife has long made fun of my toes (they tend to curl up—don’t laugh—I know reader you’re laughing!) so I was a little self-conscious.  Someone suggested I get a pedicure, but no I couldn’t stoop to that.  I wouldn’t even know where to get one.  I did make sure my toe nails were clean, especially underneath.  Unfortunately there were no pictures, but I’ll leave you with a painting from an unknown artist.  I assume it goes back to the Middle Ages.

On Good Friday I went on the Way of the Cross procession as I did last year.  You can read about last year’s procession and see pictures at the photo essay I posted.  It was essentially the same thing.  I did get to see Fr. Richard Veras, who organizes it, again.  He was the pastor at my parish who to my displeasure was transfer from our parish last June.  I blogged about it last year here.    

Here are a few additional pictures from this year’s procession.

Here’s the absolutely wonderful Communion and Liberation choir that sang at each station.  Here at the St. James Cathedral-Basilica in Downtown Brooklyn.

Here on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a drizzly day.

The choir at the final stop, St. Peter’s Church in Lower Manhattan.  

You can see the contrast in church alter styles from the previous church.  And finally Fr, Veras giving a homily. 

Fr, Veras gave the very best homilies I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing.  I so miss them.


  1. Wonderful souvenir of a great event. Thank you for sharing.

    God bless you and your family.

  2. Hey, thanks for WAY too much information about your feet. Geeeeeeez. ;-)

  3. Sorry Jan. :-) Thank you both.