"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Personal Note: Crazy Around the House

I have to admit, it’s been slow blogging for me lately.  And slow reading as well.  I mentioned somewhere we are remodeling a good portion of the house. The kitchen was gutted and the living and dining rooms were to get new floors.  Plus we updated all the electric in those three rooms, and of course paint.  The kitchen was gutted the first day, so we've been without a kitchen now for over a month.  Then the floors were pulled up and all the living and dining room furniture had to be squeezed into the kitchen.  All the stuff we had in the kitchen cabinets, the china cabinet, the living room curio cabinets (what’s another word for cabinet?) and television case are all in boxes upstairs in our bedrooms.  So the whole house is in turmoil.  Upstairs is a cluttered mess, downstairs is unlivable, and there is dust and fumes everywhere.  We've been living on garbage food and dining out.  Our routines are disordered, and our nerves have been on edge with some of the problems the workmen have created.

It’s been about five weeks now and hopefully next week the light will be visible at the end of the tunnel.  I took the family on a little driving vacation to get away from this.  It helped.  I had a week’s travel in there for work as well, which made it even harder on my wife.  All this has caused me to slow down my reading and posting.  I’ve put out a few short posts but I owe a number of them.  I owe a concluding post on Dante’s Purgatorio, a second post on Hopkins’ poem “The Windhover,” at least a post on Stephan King’s The Shining, and a few others on what I’ve been reading.  What can I say, it’s what I can do.   It will get done when it gets done.  I’m not even sure where the books are stored.  It’s chaos here.  I just hope when this is all said and done, it will look good.  It better.


  1. My Lord it sounds you're living in a warzone.

    1. LOL, yeah it's terrible. But today we made progress. The furniture is out of the kitchen and back into the living and dining rooms. After over two weeks without TV we finally have that back up, and the Kitchen counter top was installed and it looks gorgeous. Tomorrow they finish the electrical work.

  2. Seeing the picture, your house looks good already.

    Best wishes and God bless.

  3. Manny, my wife and i have been at our modest cottage for about the last five days and I don't dare ask her if "I" could bring anything with me that might directly involve "The Internet". Long story short, I just got back and this is my first email to open and forgive me for thinking that I might be kind of responsible for turning your house up side down. :(

    What I'm trying to say is that being a kind of eccentric retarded, "I" mean retired old man whose brain cells have so much that they want to share but 'i' and others who luv, "I" mean love me truly believe that me, myself and I should simply keep "IT" all silently in honest check. Some of my loving friends have even told me in so many kind words that on occasions "I" can be too much. :) Truth be known, sinner vic has even tried telling "ME", "ME" and "ME" that some of my so called five per sent age "Jesus Cells" often find some of my material a little too much for most Readers to Digest so what is "ONE" suppose to do these days?

    I hear YA folks! Pray and then pray some more. Go Figure?

    My soul, spirit and many of my brain cells probably believe that as an Engineer Manny, your spiritual house most likely understands that "IT", your physical reality home will get done when it gets done and from what I've read here and there on your blog, who could disagree?

    I better close by saying that I'm strongly again thinking of starting my third blog maybe when your new found friend "Julie" starts her blog and if that takes place may GOD (Good Old Dad) have mercy on all of US (usual sinners) concerned. LOL :)

    Good Luck with your continual renovation.

    God Bless you and yours

    1. Well, you are eccentric! Hahaha. No you did not cause my house to overturn. ;) I would love to visit your blog if you ever start one. Thanks, as always. :)

  4. Thank you for the polite comment to my remarks Manny! I've been told in the pass in so many words by smart people that I can often be my own worst enemy and saying stuff like I'm retarded and then correcting it, proves "IT". :)

    As for being eccentric, that word was first directed at me from a lady, God Bless her soul, who died when she was in her early nineties and this lady was well educated while being married to a simple good farmer. Like I said, she was the first to have called me eccentric with a smile and don't tell anyone but truth be known, I didn't even know what the word truly meant at about seventeen... Anyway, I later learned and/or imagined that it had something to do with me following her husband' s tractor and they had about five hundred acres of land and long story short, with gloves on, I would hold on to a bail until the other one came out and longer story shorter, I was finished stacking all of the bails when he stopped his tractor, except for one small field where he was able to make me drop the odd ones cause he was able to put his tractor in third gear which took me, me and me a few extra minutes to catch up. I'm not sure if there's any truth to it but I was told that the following summers they had to hire three guys to do what I was doing by myself. :)

    As far as starting a third blog, it really scares me cause how do I tell people without getting myself in trouble that I honestly believe that after I die GOD (Good Old Dad) is going to give at least my five per sent age "Jesus Cells" each a share of this world? :(

    I hear YA! Only "TIME" with tell Victor #2 but in the mean time and as we all know time can on occasions be pretty mean so let's just keep praying and wait till "Christ" returns. Right?

    Whatever YA say Manny! LOL :)


    God Bless

    1. You mean you were like this since seventeen? Oh my...lol. I never heard that song before. I love it. Thanks.