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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, August 11, 2014

Matthew Monday: At Myrtle Beach

I mentioned the other day we are having major work done at our house.  It’s been going on five weeks now, and we are seeing progress.  The living and dining rooms are done, except for a few minor things.  We’ve got a working television finally.  The kitchen has progressed but still behind.  There’s a few floor tile that still needs to be mortared in.  They had miscalculated the quantity and fell short.  So that will be put in when the backsplash behind the countertop is mortared on.  The cabinets are all in and the counter top is on.  We have electric power and ceiling spot lights in, and the microwave is operational.  But still need the plumbing completed and the gas line hooked to the oven.

I also mentioned I took the family away for nearly a week to get away from this.  We drove down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  It’s a ten hour drive, but we broke the trip into two five hour legs in both directions. 

I don’t know what’s so special about Myrtle Beach.   It was a nice beach.  It was not as nice as our trip to Ft. Walton Beach Florida earlier in the year.  That was the purest beach I had ever seen.  I would say Myrtle Beach was as nice as the New Jersey Beaches, which are also very nice, but I could have gone to the Jersey Shore with just a couple of hours driving.  I guess what makes Myrtle Beach renown is their golf courses.  I don’t golf, so I guess that allure was wasted on us.  Still we had a nice time.  The first day we got there the weather was brutal, something like 95F (35C) and 100% humidity.  But it rained at night and the weather was more pleasant, though still hot, the remaining three days. 

Here are some pictures of Matthew at the beach.

With his Batman Beach towel;

No we didn’t dig this hole.  We found it and took it over.

The water was so warm.  I would love to live near an ocean beach with water that warm.

And Matthew just loved the water, though he was afraid to go above his belly.


  1. Sure looks like Matthew had a great time!

    Hope the progress on the house continues to move along at a rapid pace.


  2. I would not go any deeper either! As far as the shallows go, what a fun time!

  3. Good luck in finishing the renovation in your house. From your writing I can almost empathize the hardship fun that you, your wife and Matthew might be experiencing.

    God Bless

  4. Thank you all. Here's an update on the renovations. Today we got all the plumbing completed. We finally got a working sink and oven. My wife cooked!

  5. I'm so pleased you all had a good time; even though it was a little hot. I remember a holiday in Malta. The temperature was 40C in the shade. I was clever and didn't stay in the shade.

    When we last decorated the house we used paint in some rooms and wallpaper in the main room. My neighbour wanted to decorate his main room - he has a similar house. So he asked me how many rolls of wall paper I used. I said 13. A week later he came back angry and said he used 13 and had 4 rolls of wallpaper left over. I said: so did I.

    God bless.

    1. "The temperature was 40C in the shade. I was clever and didn't stay in the shade."

      Hahaha, that is very funny. I've never heard that line. I'll have to use it myself. Thanks. :)

  6. ((( I said: so did I. )))

    You're right Manny these two Victor's are just too funny!

    Thanks for the humor Victor #1, I really needed "IT" today!

    God Bless