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Monday, June 10, 2013

Matthew Monday: Strep Throat

Matthew has been remarkably healthy since he’s come home to us.  In the two and a half years he’s only had a couple of mild instances of fever, and nothing else.  These past few days he got strep throat. 

We sensed there was something going on in the middle of the night on Wednesday, going into Thursday morning.  He was in bed and I downstairs and I heard what sounded like crying sounds.  Of course that had to be Matthew so I went upstairs to his room and found him on the floor beside his bed crying.  At first I thought he had fallen out of bed, but he said he didn’t.  He asked if mommy was going to leave him, so I suspected he had a bad dream.  He kind of nodded he had a bad dream and went back to sleep.

My wife also had walked in to his room in the early morning to find him crying.  At school Thursday he wasn’t right, she said.  He didn’t feel he had fever, but something was going on.  He kept whining and wanting his mother.  That night he finally got a mild fever.  My wife handled it with children’s Tylenol.  It helped but boy was he whiny and crying.  He normally attaches himself to me when I’m home, but not this time.  It was mommy for everything.    My wife called the doctor’s office and they had an opening right then.  She got him over and the doctor diagnosed Strep Throat, and he said it was going to get worse before getting better.  He prescribed antibiotics.

He was right.  Fever went over 104F (40C) and Matthew was either crying non-stop or laying on the couch like a half dead animal.  We tried to get him to drink fluids and all he wanted was chocolate milk.  I don’t think that was a good idea.  I tried to sooth him at one point and the chocolate milk expectorated out of his mouth as if it were a garden hose.  It was a whoosh, like that child in the vomit movie scene in The Exorcist, only it was chocolate brown instead of green.  And guess where it propelled to?  You got it, all over my shirt…lol.  Yuck.  But what are daddies for?

Well, at least it didn’t hit me in the face.
The antibiotic worked marvelously.  His fever came down that night and then gone in the morning.  He spent the weekend inside and he still whined for his mommy the whole time.  But the fever never came back. It passed remarkably quick.  So even with this illness, he seems remarkably healthy, healthier than I was as a child. 





  1. Poor baby! Aaaahhh the Exorcist! That movie still scares me to death! If one believes in demonic possession one must be scared!

  2. It's always hard to watch when children are ill. Strep is nasty and I am so happy that the meds worked so quickly for Matthew.

    Hugs to the little one!

  3. Poor thing, I hope he is feeling better. Sorry about the shirt but it just goes with the territory! It could have been lots worse! LOL.

  4. Whenever I got a sore throat, my mother, God Bless her soul, got me to gargle with salt warm water and believe or not it still has not failed me yet during my senior years.

    I hear YA! You've got a few years on Matthew Monday and that is easier said than done Victor! :(

    In that case Manny! See if YA can get his Mommy to give him a great big hug NOW! :)

    God Bless you and your family

  5. Those kinds of episodes are part and parcel! My son once threw up in my hair. Ah, those were the days! lol
    So glad he is better. Strep is like the worst sore throat! It feel like swallowing razor blades. God Bless him!
    In Michigan with my grandson now. Heaven!

  6. Thank you all. I've been so tied up with work I haven't focused very well on the blog. I've been taking work home every night. Well, it will finally be over tomorrow. That's my big presentation to upper management that'll decide the fate of my program. Say a quick prayer for me if you see this before 10-11 AM eastern time. I'm prepared and I've put together what I think is a solid presentation. But I'm at peace with whatever is decided.

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  7. Good to know Matthew is doing better now. I think you really are a great dad, Manny and your son honoured you with chocolate milk!

    Thanks again for sharing it by sending me the link.

    God bless you and your family.
    Take care,


    1. Thank you. I must admit, I don't recognize your name. Do I know you by another alias? I've given the link to a number of friends from various forums I'm on. Where do I know you from?

    2. Ha! Now I know who you are! Thanks for stopping by my friend. :)