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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, June 24, 2013

Matthew Monday: Moving Up Day

Matthew pre-pre-school had a completion of the school year day (even though he'll still be going to the same class until September), a sort of promotion day.  They called it a "Moving Up Day."  The teacher put together a little class show, mostly class singing.  I took the day from work to attend.  Not only did I enjoy it and be there for Matthew, I got to see Matthew in a class atmosphere.  Here are a few observations and some pictures.


Matthew is more well behaved in school than at home.  At school he pretty much listens and is not overly boisterous.  At home he's running all over the place and constantly tugging me to do something or other.  At home he's such a chatterbox, never having a minute of silence.  At school he was more reserved.  What am I doing wrong at home?

Matthew loves his class.  If you remember this blog, we had to pull him from his first class.  He had grown to not like his classmates (they made fun of him) and lost confidence in the teacher.  He adored his new teacher, Miss Vickie, and listened to everything she said.  The switch was the perfect move.

Matthew remembered all the lyrics to all the songs.  The other kids seemed to stumble here and there, but Matthew knew the melody and words.  I've mentioned he seems to have an aptitude for music, and he displayed it again.

Matthew is on the smaller side of kids his age.  I think he was the smallest except possibly for one girl. 

Matthew is very friendly with the other children, and seems to make friends easily. 

Here are some pictures.  Here he is singing and clapping to a song.

Here's a close up.

Here he is after receiving his diploma and bucket full of gifts. 

The bucket full of toys was important...lol.

And finally one with Mommy and Daddy. 

Yikes.  I need to do something about my grey hair.  I was the oldest father there!


  1. Oh mu gosh, Manny, he is truly adorable. I know, I've said it before. He also is looking more grown up, as is my grandson now.
    Observation #1. ALL kids are more well behaved when away from home. :) Ask anybody. My theory is that they are displaying how well they absorbed your teaching at home. When kids (and parents) are home, they let their hair down. Also they test your boundaries there, where it is safe to do so. Just my opinion. But when I taught a special ed class in CCD, some parents were required to be there,ostensibly to help with the kids' behaviors, and let me tell you, the kids without parents there were way more cooperative.

    Observation #2. I knew that was a good move! :)

    Observation #3. Kids (all people, really) have different learning styles, and those with an ear for music learn things that are set to music WAY better. I taught my kids all kinds of stuff, the alphabet, the sounds the letters make, etc., all to song. Also there was hooked on phonics, remember that? All it was, was phonics set to music and a beat.

    Kaden, (my grandson) is also small and filled with personality, I think they would get along famously!

    Love all the class pics and ESPECIALLY the family portrait! A framer!

    Ask your wife about the grey hair first. If she likes it, save yourself the trouble! lol Men tend to look fine with grey. It's we women that have to worry. :)

  2. Well, I agree with everything Kelly said!

  3. Wow, Manny, just wow!

    Have I really "known" you that long already?

    What an exciting day for Matthew and the family. The memories associated with these events is priceless.

    Congrats, Matthew and keep up the good work!

    As for the grey hair...no biggie, I'm sure it just makes you look distinguished...LOL.

  4. Thanks everyone. I think my wife hates the grey hair...lol. Not that she's actually said that, but she has commented a few times I should try coloring. I look at other men who color their hair and it seems so obvious. Not sure if the coloring makes it look better. Plus i'm not sure I have the discipline to color every month.

  5. I've been the oldest mom forever, it seems. Some kid always manages to ask i I'm the grandma.

    Grecian Formula if Mrs. Manny thinks you should....

  6. Manny, I basically agree with the comments and as for the grey air, "I" mean hair, I've got a few and my wife loves them all as I love hers also.

    I'll close by saying that my wife and I just came back from one of our grand daughter's grade eight graduation and long story short, she even got an award. My wife tells me that we have another invitation and this time for a grade twelve graduation.

    I hear YA! The joys of getting old with grandchildren Victor! :)

    From what I've seen and heard, you're doing a great job Manny and please keep praying for sinner vic.

  7. Pictures are wonderful! It seems Matthew behaves like a gentle in his class and makes his parents proud. He looks quite happy among his friends.

    And gray hair suits you, Manny I think you don’t need to dye.

    Take care my friend.


  8. How wonderful, all grown up! The grey hair- leave it. Guys look better with grey for some reason. I've a few grey hairs but I keep telling my husband it's really very light blonde (LOL)

  9. Kathy, I agree with you on the grey, and I tell myself my own gray is just blond. It looks super on you, Manny....very distinquished. I love the photos and they are reminescent of ones Brooke had taken in daycare. Time flies since Sept she will start kindergarden. Group family photo is a keeper and should be framed. All the kids look so happy singing their song. I think Matthew is the most animated...so cute!