"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, February 11, 2013

Matthew Monday: Blizzard of 2013

A blizzard hit the northeast this weekend as many probably heard.  There was a place in Connecticut that got 40 inches (101.6 cm).  Most places in Massachusetts got over two feet (61 cm).  Staten Island, which was in the south west corner of the storm probably got the least of the major city areas.  One news report said we got ten inches and one newspaper said we got just under seven inches.  The local paper said we got over eight inches.  So take your pick, we were spared this time. 

Still it disrupted the weekend.  But Matthew had a ball.  Here are some pictures from Saturday.

Mommy trying to take his picture, but I took their picture from upstairs window.
OK, he really wants to hit me with a snowball.  ;)
He was really proud climbing to the top of the mountain.
He just didn't have the hang of shoveling yet...lol.


  1. My goodness, Matthew is growing by leaps and bounds!

    He's still cute as ever!

  2. Well, did you get hit? I hope you let him!

    1. Well, he missed a few times but ultimately got to within inches and hit me...lol.

  3. The Little Guy really lights up the screen! Despite all the snow all I see here is warmth. It also reminds me of my childhood spent in a commune/village in upper northeast China. We built tunnels in the gardens and fought "wars" inside and outside of them. Now that I live in the South U.S. I don't get to see that much snow anymore.

    1. He is definitely a ham. Around the family he's most definitely an extrovert. He does shy up when he first meets people, but if you befriend him, within a half hour he's the extrovert again.

      Oh is that what part you're from. I had a neighbor a while back, who has long moved away, who had immigrated from there. He was a doctor over there, but they didn't count his medical degree here. But he still was able to get a job in a medical field. He brought his wife and child over, and subsequently his mother too. His mother was a very nice woman I remember. They were all very nice. They also spoke a bit of Russian since they were not far from the border.