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– St. Catherine of Siena

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blues Tuesday: Eric Clapton, "Holy Mother"

I love this song.  It was running through my head all weekend and couldn't wait to post it as this week's Blues Tuesday.  It's quite amazing that a rock star would have such a religious song; it's amazing that he played it live at a concert; and it's really, really amazing that he played it as his encore song.  He's also got a nice choir behind him on this.  Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Holy Mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two.
I've seen the stars fall from the sky.
Holy mother, can't keep from crying.

Oh I need your help this time,
Get me through this lonely night.
Tell me please which way to turn
To find myself again.

Holy mother, hear my prayer,
Somehow I know you're still there.
Send me please some peace of mind;
Take away this pain.


  1. He has had quite a turbulent life. His family as a child was ,interestingly to me, very difficult and complicated. I understand his need for the Blessed Mother. Of course, we all need her, but he had a void from the very start of his life. His ongoing troubles were many. I do hope that his faith has grown and upholds him now. God gave him music, as he did me (haha not to the same extent) as a lifeline and a way to connect with Him.
    Some of my very favorite songs are by Clapton. His song, Change the World, was so meaningful to me as I was reaching the last, and escalating, years of the abusive marriage I was in. To me, it was a flat out message from God that He could change the world I was living in. wow--blog post material--lol.
    Anyway, thanks for this post Manny, it it fantastic.

    1. I'm a big Clapton fan too. I don't have Change the World in my collection. I'm going to have to get it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. He had a child with an Italian actress (not a good one) who died at four falling out of a window (he lived with his mother in a skyscraper). What a tragedy! I always blamed her.

    1. Oh I didn't realize his wife or whatever she was to him was Italian. That was such a sad story. And I have the same fears for my son. I don't live in a skyscraper but falling from the second floor is no easy thing either. I think of Clapton's son every time my son goes near a window. Thanks for stopping by Antonella.

    2. Her name is Lory Del Santo and she was not his wife. I don't think they were serious, in fact she came back to Italy after the tragedy.

    3. I also want to tell you, in case you understand written Italian, that I have posted a few sentences for some members of the Italian chat which my husband insists attending. He wrote them, and I would much prefer not to have anything to do with those people. But he finds them amusing, so what can I do? They found my blog and now they write lies about us!

    4. OK, I think you mentioned them once before. Thanks for the info on the mother of Clapton's child. She may have been at fault but I'm sure it was painful for her too.

  3. This was a terrific way to kick off my day today!

    Very enjoyable and extremely meaningful.