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– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, July 6, 2015

Matthew Monday: Disney World Vacation, Part 1

The other week, right after Matthew had completed his Kindergarten school year, we went on a vacation down to Orlando, Florida for mostly Disney World.  Matthew had a great time.  My wife and I had a good time.  It was good to be away, but I think the whole Disney World thing is for kids.  I do know adults that go almost every year, but I fail to see what makes it so interesting for adults. 

We picked a great week.  I think it was a week where a good number of schools around the country were still in session.  I’ve heard of lines for the rides being an hour plus long.  I don’t think we had any line over thirty minutes.   So if you making plans, aim for that third week in June, if you can. 

I said it was mostly Disney World.  We kind of broke it up.  We had a day in Legoland, then a pool day at the hotel, then Magic Kingdom day, then a day for Epcot, another hotel pool day, a day at Animal Kingdom, and finally a half day at Downtown Disney for shopping before an afternoon flight home.  We hit the major highlights, but there are a few other theme parks we could have tried.  There’s a ton of things to do, but it’s all rather child oriented if you ask me.  I’m not big on these theme parks.

So here are some pictures.

Matthew and Mom on some sort of mini train coaster.

Matthew as a knight on a Legoland horse.

Matthew beside a Lego wolf.  They had some really cool Lego built up items.

Matthew racing in his Lego police car.

Mathew and mom on Main street in Magic Kingdom.

Matthew and Dad somewhere in Magic Kingdom.

That's quite a few pictures already.  I'll have to break this up into more than one Matthew Monday post.  Stay tuned for next week.


  1. That first picture is toooo cute! It's also a perfect action shot. Looks like everyone had fun.

    1. Yeah, that picture is a keeper. I'll have to have it printed and framed. Thanks Jan.

  2. Oh I LOVE these type of theme parks. They are such great fun. Although, I've been told that I have never grown up. What's wrong with liking Tom a Jerry cartoons? Better than Downton Abbey any time!

    God bless you and your family.

    1. Nothing wrong with Tom and Jerry. Thanks Victor.

  3. What a lucky boy! I loved Disney World, I made my husband take me for our honeymoon. (It was that or a fly in fishing camp in Canada- his choice). Disney World won.

    1. Ha! I would have taken the fishing camp. Thanks for stopping by Kathy. :)