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"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Personal Note: New Computer and a Question

I got a new computer at the end of last week,  snazzy HP laptop with 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB of memory and a touch screen.  I guess it looks like this.

I'm trying to get things organized on it, and it's a lot of work.  All the automatic passwords is a real pain, but even the internet links takes a lot of time. 

Here's a question for you all out there.  When I type a blog, I use Microsoft Word.  I've used Word for almost twenty years.  My Master's thesis was on Word, and I started that around 1998.  I use Word at work for all my word processing needs.  Now Word did not come on this new Laptop.  Before I invest in Microsoft Office what do people use out there?  Most of my blogs have been written in Word and then copied over.  Do bloggers type right into their blogs?  I have a hard time doing that.  I'm doing it right now, but this is just a few paragraphs.  Some of my blogs are four or five pages long.  I don't write those in a night but usually over several days.  But I've heard people use other software, especially geared for blogging.  Is there something better than Word out there?  Any recommendations?


  1. Congrats on your nifty new laptop. It's almost as cool as mine :)

    The only thing I'm qualified to say about this is....when I have a long post to write, I will use Word, or if I'm too lazy to open that, Notepad. I'm just really uncomfortable leaving my blog open for long periods of time, and sometimes it's a pain trying to find the correct draft saved. Short posts and ones with pictures I will do on site. But only via Explorer. Firefox makes Wordpress act wonky sometimes.

    1. That's basically how I feel about directly writing in the blog. Thanks.

  2. My blog is through Blogger by Google. I have no problem writing in it. It autosaves frequently and I can go in and out of it whenever I want. I save it manually too before I log out, but just as a precaution.

    Do you have no other use for Microsoft office other than Word for your blog? do you use Excel? It is might handy. we have our checkbook and finances all set up on it.

    You can also use a free starter version of Word, that in my view, works just fine. I believe you can find it online.Here is one example:

    We use the starter version and it is plenty for us.

    1. I used to have all my family finances in Excel. I haven't kept up with it the last few years. The reason I probably should get the whole new Office package is that on occasion I have taken work home and not had the work computer with me. So for professional reasons I should get the full package. Thanks Kelly.

  3. I would recommend the full package, especially if you need Excel or possibly Powerpoint.

    MS Word is also more transferrable if/when you send your documents to someone else. For example when you come to publish your book. Publishers will prefer a well known/used program to receive your work on as it is easier to format to their publication system - e.g. Kindle.

    God bless.