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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Music Tuesday: Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) by Merle Haggard

First off, I just love Merle Haggard.  That voice is so authentic.  Second, I surely thought this song was about his family.  It feels so true.  But the Wikipedia entry makes no mention of it being autobiographical, and I think it would have if it was. 

The song is about a blind guitar singer, his wife who is deaf, and a sister who plays the tambourine, all in a family band.

I just love the lyrics.  Country Western music is strong in storytelling.  Here’s a section that makes it feel so authentic for me. 

Frank and mama counted on each other
Their one and only weakness made them strong
Mama did the driving for the family
And Frank made a living with a song

Home was just a camp along the highway
A pickup bed was where we bedded down
Don't ever once remember going hungry
But I remember mama cooking on the ground

Read along with the entire lyrics from MetroLyrics.


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