"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Monday, November 13, 2017

Notable Quote: God was there to Guide by St. Augustine

There are so many great quotes in the Confessions of St. Augustine of Hippo, but I did want to highlight this wonderful few sentences from Book VI.  To set the scene, Augustine is losing his faith in the heretical religion of Manicheanism, and is starting to believe in a Christian God.  In looking back, he sees God’s guiding hand as Augustine travails through various vicissitudes of intellectual exploration.

I sighed and you heard me; I was tossed on the waves, and you guided me; I was walking along the world’s broad path, and you did not desert me.
        -St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, Book VI, from paragraph 6.5.8, Phillip Burton translation, Everyman’s Library Edition.

St. Augustine’s Confessions is a great read.


  1. I suppose many of us can pray that same prayer.

    God bless.

  2. HI Manny! I didn't make it to the group doing this book-agh. Augustine has such a way of saying a thing that gets right to the truth-he finds the words that grip my heart.
    This reminds me of the scripture I often think of that says, " when we are faithless, He remains faithful." Sadly, I think of that a lot, haha. But it is a comfort to know it as I fumble through this life.

    Hope you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will have my whole crew present, and I am excited and thankful in advance--as Bl. Solanus Casey said--"Thank God ahead of time." :)

  3. Yes that scripture quote is along the same lines. Have a great Thanksgiving. It sounds like it will be a joy.