"Love follows knowledge."
"Beauty above all beauty!"
– St. Catherine of Siena

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Personal Note: My Mother’s Hip Replacement Surgery

Just a personal note.  I’ve mentioned my mother a few times on my blog.  On Friday my mother will be going for hip replacement surgery.  This is her second hip to be replaced.  Eight years ago she fractured her left hip in a fall, and while they tried to screw it together (in the x-ray you could see a screw hold bone together like a screw holds together wood) but it didn’t hold and ultimately she had to have it replaced.  This time age and arthritis have her left her right hip bone on bone in the socket, so that she is now hobbling in pain.  It started just a few months ago  and day by day you can see the reduction in mobility and increase in pain.  When the orthopedist saw the x-ray he was shocked that she was even walking at all.  It will be the same orthopedic surgeon on Friday that did her left hip.  The x-rays also showed that her left hip replacement was still in excellent shape.  We were very happy with this orthopedist.  My only concern is that now she is 83 years old.  That’s advanced for such a major operation, at least in my mind.  But the doctors, including her cardiologist, find her age not to be an issue, and she has passed the pre-op testing with flying colors.  Her blood test didn’t have a single category outside of normal.  Her cholesterol was 156.  She’s in great shape for her age, but I am still worried.  Say a small prayer for her.


  1. Don't worry, just pray! And offer your worry up.

  2. Praying for your mom, and for you and your family. Trust in the Lord, my friend.

    God bless you all.

  3. i pray for you dear mom to have successfully .

  4. Thank you all. It is most appreciated. And nice to meet you baili.

  5. I'll say a big prayer! Especially on this beautiful feast day, that the blessed mother carry her through with miraculous ease!